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Wellness Membership Package

I offer a Free "Are we right for each other" Introductory Consultation Call

 We will meet on a Free Introductory Phone Call from me, where we work out if we are a good fit and are able to work together to improve your health issues.  After this initial phone conversation, you will have gained some ideas about how I can help you on your health journey. You will then be able to join the program as outlined below if you see benefit to continue with me, or - we part as friends.  

Wellness Membership Package
This is what you get if you join the program.

1. Initial Wellness Balance session.

The call includes establishing your present circumstances, your desired outcomes, and how you will know when that has been achieved. You get to relax, but are very much a participant in the process. I find out what areas in your body need energy. There will be reasons that energy blocks have been set up, and as they are discovered, they are released. Most people find it interesting to learn where these blocks may have originated and the results they have made on your well-being.  We check whether the issue still shows as an energy imbalance, or as we hope, - has been resolved. Then we conclude the session, including checking whether there are other things that need to be done before the next appointment to speed up healing.

2.  Five Further, Monthly, "Wellness Balances":

You may come in to the clinic, or choose phone sessions, which give you the freedom to have Wellness Balances in the comfort of your own home. This saves time on travel. Many busy people also choose phone sessions because there is less stress in organising their diary, baby sitting etc, and they can take time out in the comfort of their own own home as they invest in their health. You can stay on the phone with me and relax  in a comfortable spot. I always ask you to have water on hand. I believe that time invested in relaxing is always beneficial to wellbeing.

You have someone who will listen to you without judgement, and help you to tune into your own body and mind. Sometimes it is a matter of finding ways that work for you to implement changes. At the end of the session, most people feel as relaxed as they would be in clinic, and generally will notice some changes straight away. If there are extra things for you to complete at home, then we go through these as well and you are always encouraged to give me a call if there are any concerns.

3. Follow Ups

Follow ups are a good time for us to check your progress and allay any concerns that might not have been addressed. Sometimes when progress has been made, people don’t recognise the improvement; – pain is noticed when present – but lack of pain as a positive result, is not always remembered. Feeling that progress has been achieved is heartening and the forward journey is more positive and exciting.

4. Special priced sessions

Special priced sessions are available if needed between monthly sessions. Clients may also extend the membership beyond 6 months.

 Speak to me about special rates for Family memberships.

For a Free Introductory Consultation Call, you can call me +61438 162 182 Or Leave a Message Below:

5. Private Facebook Group

Membership to our Private Facebook Group for questions and support as well as hints and tips for your wellness journey.

6. Email Access

Email access to Sharyn, for support along your wellness journey.

7. Special Prices

Special Prices for attendance to Events and to upcoming Courses.

8. Rewards Program

Rewards program available where you and someone you refer who invests in a Wellness Balance,        are both rewarded with a Tune Up Balance.

Monthly instalments of $166.00 DD                      Subscribe Now


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