Sharyn Kae - Pain Specialist

Creating joyful, vibrant families
by releasing pain.

Getting to know you and your individual needs.
Working with you to release physical and emotional pain.
Empowering you to have choices to live life your way.

Hi, I'm Sharyn Kae and I would love to help you achieve

A Pain-Free Life

Allows us more fun and more to give in life, because we feel more present and have more vitality.

A Stress-Free Life

is not lack of stresses but feeling well-connected emotionally to our needs and priorities, and helps us roll with the flow, rather than be reactive.

More Choices to live life

become available, when we feel well and able to join life activities with loved ones and also mentally able to choose memorable options.


Welcome to Sharyn Kae

As a Mum, I know what it is like to wear many hats, with many pressures and responsibilities. We have so much in our job description before we even leave the house.
Throw in, working a job or volunteer activities and still wanting to be everything to everyone and you guessed it - the emotional and physical pain can stop you in your tracks.

Suddenly, everything that you think is so important is relegated to the back seat, while your body cries for help. This was me too. I got to the stage where I couldn’t bear to let my children get too close to me, for the pain that was wreaking havoc in my body – and yet what I really wanted was to be up cuddling, playing, and getting active with my precious little ones.

Are you short-tempered? Do you notice you’re not engaged and present? Do you find it hard even to smile?


You might have heard your body's cry for help, and yet decided that you'll be alright, - you always get by.

Yet it’s really hard to be there for others and show them your love - if you aren't taking care of yourself? You’re possibly already missing out on those important events, the ones that create lifelong memories, the ones you cherish in your heart as you think of your loved ones.

Do you feel like you need someone to really hear you?

If this sounds like you, then I’d like to help you answer your body’s cry for help, relieve your physical or emotional pain and make your dream of a more joyful, vibrant family a reality.

If you want to experience techniques that are:

- Gentle
- Non-invasive
- Drug-free
- Natural
- Effective and long-lasting and leave you feeling relaxed and empowered

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Are you experiencing PAIN on a regular basis?
Are you needing to find some CALM in your life?

These “3 Little things that make a difference,”
Could be the things that help you transition to a

“Reduce pain and gain a sense of calm control.”


10 Reasons why Mums could take time out
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Wellness Balance

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