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I was blessed to have a fantastic Mum. Life was not always easy, but one thing that was constant, was knowing that I was loved unconditionally. Somehow, that always came through. Throughout life, I discovered this is not true for everyone, or that if it's true, children have not always felt loved unconditionally. I was brought up in the suburbs of Brisbane, with a love of the Gold Coast and Beaches. As a wife and a mother of six, we made a “Bush Change,” where I have found the incredible peace of the Australian Outback. And today, with a dozen grandchildren, family life is still very important to me.

I’ve taught many children at schools in many locations and coached many others in sports. (Thank you all for the lessons you’ve taught me and the dreams you’ve inspired in me.) My lingering dream is that I want all children to feel valued, loved, respected, and protected, and especially by the people they already love. That’s why I do the work I do now.

I know that when we’re struggling it’s difficult to be the parent we want to be. I learned that when we are able to release our physical and emotional pain, it’s as if everything becomes easier and we become less stressed and reactive.This makes developing healthy relationships easier too.

I want to thank Dr Chau for recognising the areas of my life that caused my stresses and pain. Becoming aware of the cause empowered me to change my lifestyle and created AMAZING results. I must admit, that first day, the pain from withdrawal from SUGAR was so excruciating I thought I might have to put up with the agony I’d been living in. But that was not ok, and I knew that if I wanted my life to change, I had to change some things. And thankfully, overnight I was well on the road to getting my life back.

I discovered Kinergetics accidentally as I searched for techniques I could use for our family, whilst living in our remote home. Kinergetics is energy Kinesiology. The best parts of so many natural therapies I’d been using, came together in Kinergetics.Thank you Philip Rafferty for your amazing work. Quite simply, I apply very gentle pressure to test a muscle. It will react to stress and this gives me information to know how and where to send energy or whatever else might be needed. Your body has the answers to your healing. It can heal most things given the right conditions and I help you to facilitate those conditions.

In clinic, Mums have a safe space to heal so they can get back to what they do best.

I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. - Joyce Meyer