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A massive shout out to the humble and beautiful Sharyn McKay
Practising non attachment! Being more present and managing our energies.
I know I am not the only one who has been doing my best to stay in my own lane and turn inward, stay strong and focussed on my own health and inner dialogue to be able to rise above the current energies. From this space we can have a greater impact in the world.
1 kinesiology session with Sharyn McKay and I found myself able to remain untriggered and detached so that I could come more from a compassionate loving space for all humans.
I could not recommend Sharyn more highly!
-mental and physical health
-internal and external energies.
Our thoughts are powerful. If not kept in check dis-ease can and will flourish.
Sharyns sessions are calming, soothing, intuitive and transformative.
Located at lightening Ridge and Evans Heads and travels from time to time.
She is well worth reaching out to and starting your journey now.
Your body and mind are yours and you need to maintain them like you would any living organism.
You owe it to self and loved ones.
Chat to her about costs, packages and alt payment options

Sharna X Lee
Visiting Lightning Ridge, July 2021

I saw Sharyn a few years ago. Before seeing her, I had issues with my feet being sore for no apparent reason with nothing really helping this issue. It was bad enough to render me unable to walk after some time. Because I thought this problem was a bit silly at the time, I didn't tell her why in particular I had come. We did an Energy Boost session, which I found interesting due to this being my first time having this sort of thing done. The session was very relaxing; all I had to really do was think about my problem. After getting down from the table, I noticed that my feet were no longer sore. However, I pinned this to just being the result of having been resting for a while. But the problem never came back, and I knew it was thanks to Sharyn.

Carter Bevan
NB : Energy Boost has been renamed Rest and Relax

In May 2018, I was at a conference in Italy – I mentioned to Sharyn that as a result of an injury many years ago, I could not get my fingers to move effectively to play the piano. I am a pianist. She suggested we could fit in a basic correction, which we did. The next day, people at my table persuaded me to test out the work and play the Grand Piano in the restaurant. I wasn’t sure how it would go, but as I began to play, the whole table erupted into cheers. Fingers still appear to be doing really well and hydration - I’m quite conscious of.

12 August 2019 -Hi Sharyn, What you won’t know is I have noticed that things I couldn’t get back in my piano technique since the injury in 1996, I have been achieving much more easily since the corrections you did in Sorrento. Played at my niece’s wedding in April, Debussy, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach. Quite difficult works and really happy with the performance! The emotional transformation of doing this has been quite remarkable too! Amazing! Thank you!! Keep doing your wonderful work.

Liz (Barkly)

Hi Sharyn, All is good here. I am going really well thanks to you. Have been working - and still feeling ok. Keep up the good work, Cheers, Ken.

Ken Hall, Lightning Ridge, March 2021

I’ve recently seen Sharyn for stress and pain. Even before the session ended I felt quite relaxed and in less pain. Since then I have experienced a lot more energy and have been coming home from work feeling less tired. I’ve been motivated to exercise in the evenings something I have been struggling to achieve. Interestingly, we identified some emotions that were particularly relevant to me. Afterwards, I tried to imagine myself right back in the middle of the situations involved and it was just like a faraway dream that no longer bothered me.

Dawn Nan @ Evan’s Head, June 2021

This is a 5 star review for Sharyn McKay's healing practice. I had seen Sharyn for back problems a year ago and found her healing techniques to be very effective in relieving pain in my back in just one visit. I highly recommend seeing Sharyn if you have any physical issues or emotional blocks you would like to see resolved in your body, mind and life.

Leo Vollmerhause Website Design, SEO* NB Every person is treated individually, and the length of healing time can vary, depending on the cause. (S.K).

I'd like to take this opportunity to say I was open minded about Kinesiology.

I found my session with Sharyn, from Outback Wellness Clinic, to be a relaxing experience.

The proof was that afterwards, I was able to stand up straighter, immediately. But, best of all was that I slept for 13 hours straight, that night. I usually only sleep for 2 hours at a time, so this was the very best sleep I'd had for many years.

I would have no hesitation in recommending, as I have been doing, a session with Sharyn.

NB : Outback Wellness Clinic – now trades as Sharyn Kae.

My husband and I recently partook in a kinesiology therapeutic treatment, which left both of us feeling incredibly relaxed, balanced and energised. This treatment significantly relieved my husband of the pain he was experiencing at the time, replacing it with calm serenity that left us feeling pleasantly lethargic and in a state of tranquillity. Such an experience has rejuvenated our vivacity and vitality, and we have been very pleased with this holistic, restorative transformation.

Des and Patricia Mitchell

Sharyn is a miracle worker and I highly recommend her talents and abilities. She's an extraordinary healer, different to all the rest. She has given me hands on healing and distant healing and I've always been delighted with the way my body responded on all levels. Thank you Sharyn. I can't thank you enough.

Carole J Stokes, ND

Sharyn’s dedication to wholistic balance and wellness is a joy. My treatment procedures have been restorative and strengthening in regard to knee pain. She has been professional, understanding and responsive to my individual needs. Her wholistic approach explores layers that may contribute to imbalance and pain in the body.

This is a supportive journey on the way to wellness. Thank you, Sharyn

All the very best and I so believe this is a perfect way to wellness... the body listens when love and dedication speak.

Ann Golledge