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Wellness Membership Package


Wellness Membership Package

This package is designed for you who are committed to reaching your goals and serious about Living well and Aging well. If you have the choice of being healthy and active, now and into your old age, as opposed to gradual deterioration and later, not being able to enjoy life with loved ones;  I'm sure I'd know which you'd choose. No-one wants to be old and lose their independence and connection. No-one wants to suffer daily life in pain and discomfort. Help is a choice at hand for those who choose wellness.

When you join my Wellness Membership Package, it's like a 'kickstart,' to the new you. We address your areas of concern, and in doing so, deal with the underlying causes. You become aware of the effects of past experiences and are able to choose your future direction. It is very empowering. Some of your habits, that no longer work in your favour, you may let go of more easily. Success has a flow on effect, and you are likely to strive for, and achieve a higher level of health than you ever imagined possible.

In my work, I consider it is like peeling away the layers of an onion. (Yes! - I watched Shrek.) The outer layer is the first thing we notice, and when it's removed you can notice a big difference. With other layers, perhaps you mightn't notice as much, but deeper down, the change might be even more critical to what's going on in your life.

You know that to walk, you can't just take one step! You have to keep going, right? With this package, you commit to coming back,- in a sense, taking more steps in an effort to reach where you are going. You are not just looking for a band-aid, but walking the distance for real and lasting change that will see you living well now and into the future.  Good health can be a factor which allows you to enjoy healthy relationships with your spouse, children and even your grandchildren. Healthy changes are empowering as you enjoy a rich life and create many memories with your loved ones. Can you imagine doing things with your grandchildren that you enjoyed when you were young? Would it feel good to be still able to walk, even run or climb, without blaming your years on the inability to do so? What's your sore point? Perhaps we can help you with that too.

Now is the best time to start! This package has many components to help you stay on track and go from strength to strength, as we correct your energy imbalances and your overall health. You will be very pleased you took the time to invest in your future, - a future with less limits and loads more possibilities.

This is a 6 month package, paid monthly, with no upfront charges. 

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