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Health Products Available


Health Products Available

At Outback Wellness we partner with like-minded providers who have a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of others.

Because water is of critical importance to our health, and the success of our techniques in a Wellness Balance, we have partnered with Zazen Water to bring you water that benefits your body on a cellular level.

Water is vital to our health. The better the water quality and having enough water is important.

But if the water doesn't get into everywhere it's needed in your body, it's of little benefit.

We know that water-born diseases can make us sick, but when it doesn't get into our bodies properly, we can develop other conditions. This is why I have partnered with Zazen Water. Zazen Water gets in at  cellular level in your body and nourishes the body at a deep level. Combined with Kinergetics techniques targeting deficient areas of the body, I know you will feel the difference. People love the taste and find they drink more. My techniques work quickly, at a deep level, and are long-lasting. As a service to my clients, I ensure they are hydrating during the Wellness Balance, with the best quality water on hand. Zazen water replicates nature. Check out the amazing Zazen water crystal as photographed by Dr Emoto.

Zazen is my preferred water filter because it:

  • Removes impurities and nasty heavy metals.
  • Protects against bacteria and microorganisms
  • Nourishes and alkalises the body

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Zazen Water System (AUD 565):

Zazen Water System and Glass bottom (AUD 745) :

Earth 1 Magnesium

Magnesium has been so undervalued yet can do so much for us. Magnesium helps to assimilate other vitamins and minerals, calms inflammation and is essential to many body processes. It becomes deficient during stress and dehydration. The use of magnesium is often indicated by the body as I test. 

It contains magnesium oil, emu oil, coconut oil, vitamin E & arnica. Scientifically formulated for skin conditioning, bruise control and healing.

Earth 1 - Magnesium Oil - 100mL
Price : $27

Earth 1 - Super Magnesium Lotion - 125g
Price : $35

Earth 1 - Pure Magnesium Oil - 250mL
Price : $35