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Consultations Available


Consultations Available

Are we right for each other?

This is usually done over the phone. It is an opportunity to get to know more about your specific needs, whether I can help and to establish whether we feel comfortable to work together. I do not diagnose, claim to cure any particular disease or prescribe medications. I simply balance energy. I listen to you and how your body responds to my questions.

Complimentary 15 min Introductory Session

This session is designed to give you a physical idea of how I work and if this is for you. Results will vary depending on individual needs.

Tune-Up Balance

This is a restful session to support your body to alleviate symptoms. It can be long lasting (it has been known to last in excess of 15 years) or be an initial support, requiring more in-depth work as a follow up.

Price: $ 65.00 AUD
Booking / Enquiry

Rest and Relax Balance

As the name suggests, this session allows you to rest, and as your body relaxes several processes are enabled to function more efficiently. You will experience a range of positive results besides feeling rested and relaxed.

Price: $ 99.00 AUD
Booking / Enquiry

Wellness Balance

In seeking wellness, we are seeking the cause of the issue and establishing what your body needs energetically to begin to heal. During this process you develop an awareness, based on your unique issues which may have set up blockages in your body thus causing a state of dis-ease and you are empowered to follow your own individual path back to health.

Price: $ 198.00 AUD
Booking / Enquiry

5 Session Wellness Package

Upfront payment includes BONUS HOLIDAY. This package can be used as a Family package. Personal package or to gift to others.

Price: $ 1000.00 AUD
Booking / Enquiry

Consultation Modes

Face to Face

These consultations are in person and at present are run from Lightning Ridge and Evans Head. Both are popular Tourist Destinations and so you could book a Balance and enjoy a weekend away; or adjust your trip to add in some Healing in a new environment. You need to book in advance as there is a great distance between the 2 towns, and I would hate you to discover I wasn’t here when you visit.

You may sit, stand or lay face up on the massage table. You will be fully clothed for the session, and it is a good idea to dress modestly in shorts or long pants for modesty sake.

Phone Consultation

This Balance is conducted over the phone when perhaps time or distance is an issue. This is helpful when you want to take time out for yourself and can do so, but cannot afford to travel the distance for a session. Perhaps you have other commitments, or responsibilities (eg children, time or money commitments.)

Distance Consultation

Sometimes, you might really need to nurture yourself, and yet you find yourself never making the time. A distance session, allows for the work to be done, without you being in clinic. We would have a chat at some time before hand and we both gain the flexibility to schedule according to our commitments. I advise an approximate time to attend to your session, and since you are not there for the session, I also send you an email with what areas were addressed, some questions and things you can do at home to improve your healing. I follow up to check-in with you regarding any changes and benefits that you may have gained. Sometimes we need to do extra sessions to clear the cause of the issue, or even a Tune-Up Balance to offer you further support, and we can discuss this as well.

For a Free Introductory, Information & Consultation Call, you can call me +61438 162 182 Or Leave a Message Below: