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Events and Programs


"Energy for Life" Workshop

**This is a 1 hour program, designed for Corporate Organisations ,Councils and Community Groups to help employees or members kickstart their wellness journey. It is an interractive presentation, incorporating techniques which are useful in work and home environments. This is run at your Event Premises.

When you apply the principles of the program, you will certainly discover you have more -"Energy for Life"

Employers may incorporate this program with brief healing sessions for their staff. It is a great way to increase awareness in, “Little things that make a difference” in lives, as well as empower employees to seek healthier, more vibrant lifestyle choices and better physical and mental health.

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From time-to-time upcoming events will be promoted there. If you are interested in group healing sessions, Or cost-effective alternatives to a private Balance Session, then pop me a message on the Contact page, or email me with your enquiry. I am happy to arrange Sessions with your group’s specific requirements in mind.

“Loving You to your Healthy Size,” is a program for Mums who would like to feel the way they felt when they were a smaller size. You guessed it, we are NOT focussing this course on starving yourself, difficult exercise routines checking out the scales, or even meal plans. We will help you to enjoy life and relationships, and to heal those areas that actually cause you to gain weight or hold onto fat, and the unhelpful habits and sabotages that you repeat either subconsciously or knowingly.

Maybe you and your best friends are struggling with similar issues? We could customize a group program for you. If this sounds like something you are interested in, Reach out via the “Contact Page.” I’d love to hear from you.

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