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Creating joyful, vibrant families
by releasing pain.

Events and Programs


"Energy for Life" Workshop

**This is a 1 hour program, designed for Corporate Organisations ,Councils and Community Groups to help employees or members kickstart their wellness journey. It is an interractive presentation, incorporating techniques which are useful in work and home environments. This is run at your Event Premises.

When you apply the principles of the program, you will certainly discover you have more -"Energy for Life"

These are the currently organised Workshops:

At these, “Fast Track Champions,” and “Better Than a Blackbelt” workshops, I am working with “Unlimited Champions” organisation, to provide my Wellness Presentations, along with Abundance training. During these events, time is included for people to experience my work and the life-changing effects of Kinesiology on their own health and to supercharge their potential.

* I am continuing to do Presentations at Local Events – where visitors may also wish to visit and experience Outback Wellness Energy Boosts.”

Calendar of Events

Health &Wellness Expo - Lightning Ridge 02 May 2020
Stall @ Walgett Show – Walgett 09 May 2020
Fast Track Champions - Sydney 4 & 5 Sept 2020
Fast Track Champions – Melbourne 11 &12 Sept 2020
Fast Track Champions – Perth 18 &19 Sept 2020
Better Than A Blackbelt - Bali                6,7,8 Nov 2020
Champion Summit – Fiji 14,15,16,17 Jan 2021

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